Ann Hamilton - The Event of a Thread

I was reminded today of Ann Hamilton, one of my favorite artists that I haven't thought about since starting graduate school. 

"There was a girl who said that she felt really really wild and safe at the same time. When I head that... you know, it's like, 'Yes! That is so great!' There's so many of those kinds of things so you're trying to give or make the opportunity for that kind of experience - but not determine what that is - that in turn, there's so much that's coming back from what people are giving into the work." 

tower - Oliver Ranch, 2007

The philosopher Simone Weil defined prayer as “absolutely unmixed attention.” The artist and self-described maker Ann Hamilton embodies this notion in her sweeping works of art that bring all the senses together. She uses her hands to create installations that are both visually astounding and surprisingly intimate, and meet a longing many of us share, as she puts it, to be alone together.