Hood for Stationary Focused Activity

Team: Joemy Buschur, Marianna Bender, Chantal Birdsong 

This project modifies the existing condition around the head and shoulder area by creating a hood that limits the range of periphery vision and movement of the head and neck, requiring the shoulder and upper torso to pivot in order to to see beyond the direct line of sight. The purpose of this intervention is to reduce auditory and visual distractions experienced when working in an open plan studio or office environment. 

Materials: laser cut paper, glue
Methods: Rhino, Grasshopper

limited range of periphery vision

tab method of construction

overlapping tabs: interior view

overlapping tabs: exterior view


Digital Exploration: 3D Printing

Through the exploration of computational environments and the role of technology in the design process, 3D printed forms were developed to create structure and form.